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Blog 1 - Introduction to the World of No-Code

What a journey! After 11 years of working for eBay around the world, I quit my job in the summer of 2019 to start a new adventure. Now 2 years and a pandemic later, I like to call myself a no-code entrepreneur. Over the past year, I’ve built WYN with no-code applications such as Webflow (web development), Figma (design), Typeform (survey), Airtable (database), Mailchimp (customer email), Zapier (workflow automation), and Blush (illustrations). WYN is a fully automated wine recommendation tool that is personalized towards your unique wine taste. I’m no engineer in any shape or form, but I’ve been able to build this experience myself (mostly from the car, but that’s another story), without writing a single line of code. While building WYN and explaining how I’m doing this without the help of a developer, I noticed that many are unaware of the opportunities that they have to build something without the technical skills or the money to hire these resources. This is why I have decided to allocate some of my time to my new project: World of No-Code, an evolving platform where I show what tech platforms, projects, and features I build with no-code tools, the best no-code tools in the market, plus you can decide what I show next. Join me to:

* Find out how to build a side hustle, no code needed
* Learn how to explore and validate a business idea
* Get the tools you need to launch an MVP and test product-market fit

With the World of No-Code, I would like to inspire people to start building a tech business with no-code tools, to showcase how to turn an idea into a tangible business, and to educate how to build an MVP within weeks to validate a hypothesis. It’s 2021 and it’s full of opportunities for everyone. Start realizing your dream today!

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