How I tripled traffic by changing the website’s structure and content

Learn how World of No-Code is SEO optimized by using CMS

Hi all! Today I would like to show you what I’ve done to improve my World of No-Code website by offering more valuable information to my readers and by optimizing it for SEO, resulting in better search results.

Triple traffic with Webflow CMS

Initially, I built World of No-Code as an overview of my favorite no-code tools and the projects that I built myself. Great, but it was limiting the power of the platform. The purpose of the platform is to inspire, showcase, and educate others about the endless opportunities of no-code tools. By focusing on everything and everyone active in the no-code space, the platform has become significantly more insightful and powerful. An additional benefit to these changes is SEO optimization.

So I decided to build out the platform by adding popular no-code tools and no-code projects used and built by no-code pioneers. These people have either developed a no-code tool or used no-code tools to build a new business or automate their processes and they are true pioneers. The global low-code/no-code development platform market rapidly grew to an estimated market size of $14 billion in 2021, but we’re still at the beginning of this exciting movement. Gartner predicts that low-code/no-code tools will be responsible for 70% of the new app development in 2025 (up from <25% in 2020) and ResearchAndMarkets predicts a market size of $187 billion in 2030. Knowing that many businesses can’t attract and retain the required quality and quantity of software engineers, this is a much needed market development and creates more equality and opportunity around the world. I’m excited and bullish for the no-code road ahead of us.

Screenshot No-Code Projects

Are you interested in how I changed the static pages to dynamic content and overviews? Below you can find a quick step by step guide of the changes I made to the World of No-Code platform:

1. I created an overview of no-code Tools, Projects, and Pioneers in Airtable
2. I added the CMS functionality to Webflow’s Site Plan
3. I uploaded the Airtable tables to Webflow’s CMS
4. I redesigned the web pages in Figma
5. I built the new Tool, Project, and Pioneer pages in Webflow
6. I published the new website version in Webflow

If you need any help with updating your website, please ping me at and I’m always happy to help.

Now on to the most exciting part of this change: SEO optimization. As I mentioned before, these changes do not only add more value to the platform, it also helps with SEO optimization. It basically comes down to the power of many. Where I only had to create 1 template for the tool and project pages, Webflow automatically creates a unique URL for each tool and project that I add to the CMS, and Google will be able to craw and index all these pages. Another trick that I applied is linking all these pages to each other. Take the Webflow tool page. On this page, you can not only find general information about Webflow, but you can also see and click on the projects that are built with Webflow. Vice versa, on the project page you can find and click on the tech stack of the project. These are the no-code tools that have been used to build the project. By creating these CMS pages and linking these pages to each other, you improve your SEO optimization in an easy and effective way. How do I know it’s working? Data never lies. Since I published this new version of my website, I’ve tripled the (all organic!) traffic. Not too bad, right?

Traffic through the roof as a rocket

I hope this has been a good and useful read. I’ll add more projects and tools to World of No-Code over time, so continue to come back for more inspiring examples. If you have a great business idea yourself and want to understand how no-code can help you to build your MVP and test product-market fit, ping me at and I can be your sounding board.

Have you already built something with no-code tools and would you like your project to be showcased on World of No-Code? Send me an email with your details:

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