Winding Down WYN — A Tribute to No-Code

The learnings from building WYN

The time has come that I officially decided to wind down WYN... It's been an incredible experience and I couldn't wish for more learning opportunities along the way. I want to thank everyone for their trust, contribution, and feedback along the way. It's been a wonderful and exciting journey ❤️

My biggest learning: 🚀 No-Code is the future

* No-code? Doesn't our world run on code? Yes! Almost everything we do, from visiting a website to sending a text message, it's all driven by code
* The issue: Less than 0.5% of the population knows how to code, while many more want to build tech-enabled businesses
* No-code doesn't mean there is no code involved. On the contrary. While using the drag-and-drop interface of a no-code application, code is created for you, automatically behind the scenes
* No-code is the path forward to make software development accessible to everyone in order to build tech businesses and automate processes
* Other huge benefits: using no-code applications makes it much faster to launch, test and iterate, at a more affordable price
* But wait a minute... Can you scale your business with no-code tools? Yes! While initially no-code tools were most useful to test product-market-fit before moving to custom code, more and more businesses fully run on no-code tools and more will be possible in the (near) future. Take Rebel Book Club, a worldwide book enthusiast club, that runs on pretty much the same no-code tools since starting in 2015. Tools include Typeform, Mailchimp, and Mighty Networks
* But can the next Airbnb or Netflix be built with no-code tools? Yes! A fun and inspiring website called Startup Recipes shows you how this can be done
* VCs are seeing the potential too. As mentioned in my previous blog post, the global low-code/no-code development platform market was estimated to be $12 billion in 2021 and is expected to growly rapidly to $187 billion in 2030
* VC funding in no-code tools ramped up significantly with an exciting start of 2022:
** Jan 2022: Softr: Since the launch of the Softr's web-app building platform at the beginning of 2021, they increased their user base to 35k, leading to $13.5M Series A funding — "We raised Series A to build the world's largest ecosystem of no-code apps"
** March 2022: Webflow: 3.5M+ users and $120M Series C funding — "This funding will help accelerate our work towards our mission to empower millions of people to create for the web"
** April 2022: Thunkable: 3M+ users and $30M Series B funding — "With this latest round of funding, we are going to continue to aggressively pursue our mission and focus on three key areas:  Team, Capabilities, and Community"

What's next?

The world is gonna move on, rapidly, and I expect that not too long from now the majority of initial software development will be build with no-code tools.

I'll continue with World of No-Code to inspire and educate others about this exciting space and build more products for myself and others along the way. Stay tuned!

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